Unbelievable husband whose wife died and was reborn

There have been stories of reincarnation in many parts of the world from time immemorial. There have been many proponents and opponents of reincarnation in Hinduism and Buddhism.The most famous of the reported rebirth cases is the rebirth story that took place in India and went viral on social media again.

The incident took place during the period 1926-1987 when a rare reincarnation of a girl named Shanti Devi was discovered.Shanti Devi was born in Delhi.From the age of four, she began to talk about her previous birth, saying that her home was in Madurai and that her husband was waiting there.The family rejected the idea that this was the imagination of baby Shanti Devi.

When she was six, she tried to run away from home and told the school teacher that her name was Lukti Devi. She said her husband’s house was in Madurai and her husband’s name was Kedarnath and she died 10 days after giving birth to her youngest child.She also revealed that her husband was in the clothing business

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