Suchitra Nair with shocking revelation

Suchitra Nair is the actress who brought the serial Vanambadi to the attention of the audience with her single character Padmini.Suchitra plays the negative role of Puppy as the villain of the serial.Apart from acting, Suchitra Nair has a lot of fans and she is a cruel character.

But in personal life, Suchitra Nair is just simple. Suchitra entered the acting industry at the age of six after starring in a video.Later, while still in the sixth class, Krishna acted as the fortress of the ocean of grace.Later, Suchitra became active on the mini screen. Suchitra was motivated by the desire to do some kind of different character to focus on family serials.

The star of the serial ‘Kalyanasaugandhikam’ helped the actress to become a villain in Vanambadi too. But now what the actress has said about her love affair on social media is going viral.I am a person who sincerely wants to fall in love. I do not know why my love is like this.He wants someone he knows to come to life.

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