Passenger in a bus throws away 12 gold!

Passenger in the bus throws 12 sovereign gold! Passengers put their hands on their heads when they hear the reason.Mistakes can be made by anyone but Sultan Bathery is handing over to Chully.During the journey from Kottayam to Sultan Bathery, 12 sovereign gold ornaments were thrown from the Kaulat bus.

Thoulat lives by working on houses. In the meantime, they had pledged some gold.They made the mistake while returning home on a bus to retrieve the gold they had pledged in the bank.They boarded a KSRTC bus from Kottayam at 12 noon on Saturday with the pledged gold.The gold was wrapped in paper and kept in a cover so as not to be lost.Watch the video below to know more about the news.

In the meantime, I bought bread from the bus to eat. When I reached Ramanattukara Poovannur Church at 9 pm, I had almost eaten Taulat Vada.The rest of the bread was thrown out. But when the bus came a little ahead, it was found that instead of a wad, a package of gold jewelery was thrown away.That ‘s it. With this they were shouting loudly. Thoulat said that when the passengers inquired about the matter, they heard that Amalie was caught and that gold was thrown instead of the wada.

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