My heart pounded at Harris’ reply

The face of a girl named Ramsey is what fills the minds and eyes of Malayalees today with her sweet voice.
Ramsey did not believe that Harris was having an affair with another girl until the last minute.The poor thing thought he was just talking in the name of his anger.

Because it’s a sign that Ramsey loved and trusted Harris so much, it’s because of the debt he incurred after starting the workshop that Ramsey believed he was being treated like this.But it was the moment Harris sent Ramsey a picture of himself with the girl and their romantic moments at night that Ramsey realized that great truth.

Ramsey is a girl who told herself that she had been cheated on but that it would be her boyfriend’s friend.Without losing hope, Harris called her on the phone until the last minute and the words she heard from the other end of the phone rang in her mind.When he asked me what I should send you to believe, at least for a moment she was begging him for her life.

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wife and daughter are now after leaving Chalakudy for four years without a father?

Ramsey was to be liked