This child marriage is now going viral on social media

A day ago, photos of what appeared to be a wedding were circulating on social media.The allegation of child marriage is a victim of cyber bullying.Propagation is thus. All the WhatsApp groups and Facebook pages have put up this image and the propaganda is going on.

At the bottom of the photo, several names have been posted mocking them.When the photo was checked, it was clear that it was from a blood bank in Sri Lanka.There is a comment in the Sri Lankan language that says that when done in English, they have congenital growth defects and that the groom is 28 years old and the bride is 27 years old.At the same time, with that photo, many people are saying that they are not getting married. The image came to prominence on a page called Intense Photography

According to the information on the page, the photo shows two couples named Neetami Buddhika. Anyone who looks at the photo will wonder if this is a good marriage or not.

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