Central government throws out whatsapp: All the way to GIMS

In the light of cyber security issues created by the Pegasus software which has used to hack personal chats, the central government has decided to make an alternative for whatsapp. For ensuring confidentiality and security in the official communication between government employees, there is a platform for instant messaging and it is named as GIMS (Government Messaging System). Still for official communication, government servants make use of apps which are owned by private companies and in order to put an end to this new app testing is underway.

A branch of National Informatics Centre (NIC) at Kerala provides construction supervision for the app. Both center and state government employees communicate confidential matters with their own department and with other departments using this app. Just like whatsapp it will have the features of end-to-end encryption. Some Indian users have leaked their whatsapp accounts using software called Pegasus and as a result government took initiative for GIMS which is thought to be more secure.

The server for the app will be installed within India itself. The testing has been conducted among NIC officers. The ios version of the GIMS was released in the first week of September 2019 and it can be installed on iPhones and iPads with OS above 11. Finance department of Orissa has become ready for testing the GIMS app at its early stage. Even though one to one messaging and group messaging facilities are available, there will be restrictions for their usage.

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