A 65-year-old woman has given birth to eight babies in 18 months

Government records show that a 65-year-old woman gave birth to 8 children in 18 months in a village in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. According to government records, Leela Devi became the mother of eight children in 18 months.Leela Devi made the announcement when she started getting benefits under the National Medicare Scheme under the National Health Mission.Leela Devi’s son was born 21 years ago. Leela Devi received Rs 1,500 a month under the scheme.

But in the end, the kitty was only half the rupee. That’s when Leela Devi inquired about the matter. But when the documents were checked, the shocking thing came out.After returning the money, Leela Devi herself was removed from the list and informed that the information was incorrect.Apart from Leela Devi, senior citizens in the district above 50 are eligible for the scheme.

They have withdrawn money from the accounts of some of them. The group includes a 66-year-old Shanti Devi woman who gave birth to two children at 10 hour intervals a day.An investigation has been launched into the incident. There are indications that Sushil Kumar, an employee of the local SBI customer service, cheated.

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